"I couldn't find local produce at Hy-Vee and didn't want to drive all the way over to the co-op or Pomegranate.   I felt guilty when I purchased produce from far far away and felt mad there wasn't a better option.  All my guilt melted away and I felt so good and proud of myself that I was supporting a local business. Now it is so easy to go online and order yummy, healthy, affordable produce. And the pickup locations are convenient for me. I also love knowing exactly where my food is coming from and seeing your smiling face regularly!" ~ Stephanie P.


"I have loved getting my produce from Glory Garden. The website is really easy to order from and the reminder texts that Anna sends out are great for this busy mom! Each week our produce is carefully packaged and the pick up spot that we chose is so close to our house. I do have to be careful to not eat all of the cherry tomatoes I order in one sitting though...they are just like candy!! There really is no substitute for farm fresh produce and Glory Garden is definitely the way to go as far as quality and convenience." ~ Katie B.

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"I wanted to buy local organic produce, but I didn’t feel a CSA would work for my family as there are certain things we just don’t eat. With Glory Garden, I like that I can choose the produce and how much I want. I really like that I can go online to order and pick it up in Sioux Falls. I know it’s fresh picked and I know where it comes from." ~Diane R.