Apples, cortland

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Apples, cortland.JPG

Apples, cortland

from 4.00

Choose from:
6 count of apples, which is around 2.5 lbs
10 lbs apples, which would be about 25 count apples

Of the four varieties of apples we have, the cortland and haralred are the most tart and smaller in size than the fireside and sweet sixteen. They would be great for baking or cooking, although they are great for snacking too if you like an apple that is more tart.

These apples are grown without insecticides or fungicides so cosmetic blemishes are to be expected. The black spots are a fungus that only affects the surface of the skin. It is harmless and can be washed off (or eaten!). Ugly apples are your assurance that they were grown without chemicals!

Source: Hackberry Hollow, Renner

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