Getting fresh, local food shouldn't be difficult.

But why does it seem like such a hassle?

You can't get to the farmer's market because of your schedule.

You joined a CSA one year, but it was too much food for your family to keep up with, plus you didn't like all the beets.

The produce in the stores looks wilty and boring.

And growing your own garden takes time that you would rather be spending with your kids and grandkids.

Why can't local food be ordered online just like everything else?  

Now you can!  Glory Garden offers:


Locally-Grown Produce and Eggs

I use organic growing practices to produce nutritious and chemical-free vegetables.

Eggs are sourced from small, free range flocks.


Easy online Ordering

No minimum or maximum order size.

Produce is available from June until mid October.

Delivery to Drop sites

Weekly delivery to six conveniently-located drop sites in Sioux Falls- or pick up at the farm.

Looking forward to next year?

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