*NEW* Glory Garden Subscription Plan

If you're reading this, I'm guessing that feeding your family a healthy meal is pretty important to you.  And you know that using fresh local ingredients makes anything you cook even more amazing. 

But taking time to grocery shop probably isn't your #1 favorite thing to do each week.

Between practices, weekend roadtrips, and family get-togethers, the weekends slip by so quickly and before you know it, you've missed the Monday morning deadline for Glory Garden orders.  So another week goes by without heirloom tomatoes, free-range eggs, or fresh beets.


That's exactly why I created the Glory Garden Subscription Plan.  If you sign up, you will get:

  • Only your favorite produce
  • Only on the weeks that you want
  • At a price point that fits your individual needs

-All this without having to place an order!

Here is how it works:

  1. We work together to customize your subscription plan.
    In this survey you will specify your preference by checking "like it", "love it", or "hate it" for the vegetables we have available.  Then we will determine a weekly price point that will supply you with just enough veggies for your family.
  2. I will personally hand select a weekly order for you according to your preferences.
    Every Sunday, I will email you the list of what you will be receiving for the upcoming week so that you can plan your menu.
  3. You pick up on Tuesday at the drop site that is most convenient for you!

The Glory Garden Subscription Plan would be a good fit for you if:

  • you sometimes forget to order.
  • you don't have time to order.
  • you wouldn't mind not choosing what you will get each week and are willing to work your menu around what you will receive.
  • you would look forward to the surprise of not knowing which of your favorite vegetables you will get each week.

Here's what Katie, a mom of four, had to say after using the GG Subscription Plan for the month of July:
"I really enjoyed the subscription plan because we got just the right amount each week and I didn’t have to think about it!  All of Anna’s produce is amazing so we just planned our menu around what we got. We didn’t need to buy store veggies at all!"

BONUS:  You may occasionally get special items that are not listed on the website (because I sometimes have small quantities of some things, but not enough to offer to everyone.)

Are you in?  Please take 2-3 minutes to fill out this form.  After you submit it, I will contact you to discuss the weekly price point.  Let me know if you have any questions!

P.S. For those of you who love placing an order each week, don't worry- that will always be available!