How we make tomato sauce at the Maifeld's

We are right in the middle of tomato season here at Glory Garden.  If you come through our kitchen this time of year, you will either see flats of tomatoes waiting to be processed, tomatoes cooking on the stove, or the big canner kettle going on the stove.  For my family, it's a yearly tradition and indicates the changing of summer to fall.

When I hear some people talking about boiling and skinning their tomatoes, I think, "Ugh!  Why bother?"

I made a quick video showing how we do things here at the Maifelds.

Even if you don't can, this method can be used to make tomato sauce to eat fresh or freeze.

If you need tomatoes, email me how many pounds you want and I will get you some!

Forgive me for the major brain block I had towards the end of the video.  My "camera girl" wouldn't allow me a re-do, so I had to go with it.  Haha!