Q: What do you do with swiss chard?

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I get asked alot: "What do you do with swiss chard?"  Three years ago, I wouldn't have had a clue.  At least now I know one fool-proof way to cook it!

Sauteed Swiss Chard with Apples and Pine Nuts

1 T. of your favorite cooking oil
1 bunch of chard
1 onion, sliced
1 apple, sliced
A handful of pinenuts
Salt and pepper
Parmesan or dubliner cheese, grated

Cut the chard leaves into 1-2 inch pieces and cut the stems into 1/2 pieces, keeping the stems and leaves separate.

Heat the oil in a skillet.  

Add the onions, apples, and chard stems to the skillet and saute for a few minutes until mostly tender.  Add the chard leaves and saute until reduced in volume and tender. (You can heap the pan full because it will really shrink in size.)

Season with pinenuts, salt and pepper, and grated cheese.  Enjoy!