Ground cherries: How to grow them and where to get the seedlings

This is part 2 about ground cherries.  You can find out what they are in last week's post:

I will be selling ground cherries by the pint in August- Sept.  However, because the demand is so great, I want to encourage you- if you are a gardener- to grow your own ground cherries.  That way you can have an unlimited supply to enjoy every day!

Are they easy to grow?  Yes, just stick them in the ground and they will grow happily with minimal care. They have no pest or disease problems.

How big are the plants when full grown?  The plants grow close to the ground and spread out in about a 4-5 foot diameter circle.

How many plants should you grow?  One plant will probably feed up to two ground cherry lovers.

Where to get the starts?  Since I have not been able to find a local place to buy the ground cherry starts, I realized I would need to provide you with the starts myself!

So for a LIMITED TIME I am offering ground cherry starts for sale on my website.

Edited to add: sale is now closed.

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