Wondering where to get free-range, local eggs during the winter?

The 2017 season has come to a close.  :(  Which means that I will no longer be making deliveries of produce, eggs, and honey until we open again in spring 2018.

You are probably wondering if there is another place that you can get the awesome Fruit of the Coop eggs that Glory Garden sells during the summer.  When I told one of my customers, that the eggs were only sold to restaurants during the winter, she emailed back, "I think I will cry;) they are the BEST eggs I have ever had!!

So Stephanie (from Fruit of the Coop) and I put our heads together and have come up with a plan to keep you stocked with eggs over the winter.

We are going to have a delivery every-other Thursday to a drop site on the south side of SF.  You will pre-order the eggs and pick them up at a home located near Tomar and 57th St.  There will be a 2 hour window for you to stop by and help yourself to the eggs which will be in a cooler outside (self-serve style).

What I need you to do is email Stephanie at s.peterson@fruitofthecoop.com and let her know "I'm in!" and she will give you further details.

You definitely don't want to be without these eggs, because as John said:

"I don't know what it is but the difference between these eggs and the ones I get at Hyvee is phenomenal!" 

For those of you who haven't tried Stephanie's eggs yet, she wants to give a you a free dozen to sample.  You will be hooked!